Welcome to the 1st conference on European Rare Earth Resources

Rare Earth resources have become vital elements in the modern industry. With constantly increasing applications ranging from micro-electronics to wind generators and with very few rare earth mines in operation around the world, the rare earth elements supply and demand is in the global spotlight.


In the framework of the EURARE:


Development of a sustainable exploitation scheme for Europe¬Ęs rare earth ore deposits project


a scientific conference on European Rare Earth Resources will be held.


The conference will deal with topics such as


• REE importance for Europe / supply and demand issues

• European perspective for a REE industry

• REE exploitation policy issues

• REE occurrences in Europe

• REE processing (advances, new technologies, future outlook)

• REE urban mining/recycling

• Environmental Impacts (gains and losses through REE utilization and REE extraction)


The official language of the conference is English.


ERES 2014

1st Conference on European Rare Earth Resources

4 - 7 September 2014

The conference is a Milos Conferences event.

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