Cancellation/Refund Policy for Registration/Accommodation/Optional extras:

A total refund of all prepaid fees will be made, excluding an administration charge of 15% of the total amount, for cancellations made in writing before 30 June 2014. No refunds will be made for cancellations after 30 June 2014.


Transfer of Registration/Accommodation/Optional extras:

All fully paid Registrations/Optional extras/Accommodations are transferable to other persons from the same organization. Transfers must be made by the registered person in writing to the conference secretariat.

Details must include the full name of the replacement person, their title, contact phone number and email address. All other registration details will be assigned to the new person unless otherwise specified.


Insurance and liability:

Registration/Optional extras/Accommodation fees/amounts do not include insurance of any kind. It is highly recommended that all participants carry an adequate travel and health insurance, as the conference organizers, “Heliotopos” or the “magma booking engine” cannot accept any liability for accidents, illnesses or injuries that may occur at or during the conference or the tours and social events that are held in connection with the conference.

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