Prof. Karl A. Gschneidner, Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University, USA

“The Rare Earth Crisis and the Critical Materials Institute's (CMI) Answer”


Prof. Brajendra Mishra, Colorado School of Mines, USA

“Extraction and Recovery of Rare Earth Metals: Challenges in Processing”


Prof. Yasushi Watanabe, Institute for Geo-Resources & Environment, AIST, Japan

“The role of earth science for the supply of rare earth elements”


Prof. Ling Zhi Li, Technical director, China Western Mining Co., Ltd., China

"Chinese Rare Earth Ore Deposits and Beneficiation Techniques"


Prof. Vladimiros Papagelakis, University of Toronto, Canada

“Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Clay Minerals”


Dr. Nikolaos Arvaniditis, EuroGeoSurveys

“Unlocking the potential of rare earth resources in Europe”


Dr. Mauritus Van Camp, Umicore, Belgium

“Multi-metal recycling from complex waste streams – challenges and industrial case(s)”


Dr. Gareth P. Hatch, Technology Metals Research, USA

"The Commercial Development of New Sources of Rare Earths in Europe and Beyond"


Mr. David Merriman, Roskill Information Services, UK

“The European REE market and its place in the global industry”


Dr. Vasili Niketopoulos, Natural Resources GP, Greece

"European Policies on Critical Raw Materials, including Rare Earths"


Prof Koen Biennemans, KU Leuven, Belgium

"The Balance Problem and its Relevance to Recycling of Rare Earths"

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